Riverwest woman carjacked, thieves crash her car down the block

NOW: Riverwest woman carjacked, thieves crash her car down the block

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A Milwaukee woman said she was scared for her life when thieves carjacked her at gunpoint. Now she’s planning to move out of the Riverwest neighborhood.

The victim, who did not want to be named, said she was cleaning her car outside of her apartment in Riverwest Friday around 10 p.m. when two men, one armed approached her and demanded her keys.

“In a really soft voice, where are your keys? And I resisted and then that's when he flashed the gun at me,” the victim said.

Fearing for her life, the victim gave the armed man the keys out of her pocket.

“I tossed the keys and ran to my apartment building to get my phone and call police,” she said.

The thieves took her car, but didn’t make it very far. They crashed into a parked car just down the block on E Center Street and N Weil St. Neighbors heard it from down the block.

“I heard a screech and then that's when I guess they hit the other car,” resident Derek Brown said. “I've been here a couple years now, more and more stuff like that keeps happening around here. Seems like its getting worse.”

The victim said she wants to move out of Riverwest immediately because the thieves know where she lives and she wants to get away from the crime in the area. 

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