River Hills Police: Felony suspect taken into custody after being found in garage during search

River Hills Police: Felony suspect taken into custody after being found in garage during search

RIVER HILLS, Wis. (CBS 58) --The search for a felony suspect in River Hills has ended after police say the suspect was found in someone's garage. 

Just before 2:00 p.m. Thursday, River Hills Police posted on social media that officers from several area police departments were involved in a search for a felony suspect.

Officials said it all started with a traffic stop in Grafton for the three men wanted in connection with upwards of 30 strong armed robberies through Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties. Two men were taken into custody immediately but one ran off.

Police then used drones and K9s to search the area and eventually found the man inside the garage of a home. Police say they're glad they got these men off the streets before the holidays.

"Robberies tend to increase around the holidays and we have a lot of them," said Captain William Beauchene of the Milwaukee Police Department Robbery Division. "When we see crews likes these that continue to commit multiple offenses, they don't tend to stop until they're taken into custody, so it's good to get a very difficult crime crew off the streets as were in the middle of robbery season, if you will."

Beauchene also said it was important to use all of the tools necessary to find the man as soon as possible, especially this time of year. 

"If somebody gets through a wooded area it's very possible they could escape the perimeter because it's difficult and when you're talking
about woods, especially this time of year it gets dark quick," he said. "We very well could have lost this individual, but we took a dangerous criminal off the streets."

Police officials said they expect more arrests in the coming days of others who  may have been involved. Nearby Indian Hills Elementary School was put on lockdown for about an hour, but got the all clear just before 2 p.m.

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