Rihanna Begs Fans to Help Find Missing Backup Dancer Shirlene Quigley

(CBS NEWS) Rihanna is begging fans to come forward if they have any information on her missing backup singer, Shirlene Quigley. 

She posted a video of Quigley talking and wrote, “This beautiful soul, and former dancer of mine is MISSING!!! My heart aches thinking of how heavy this is on all who love her! If anyone has seen or has any information on @shirlenequigley’s whereabouts ..... PLEASE CONTACT the North Bergen Police Department 201 392 2100 !!!!” 

Missy Elliott also posted about the dancer on Instagram, saying, “she is so loved & we pray for her safe return ... Need help from the whole Dance Community to spread the word! Those who have met her know her spirit is always bubbly and kind & uplifting energy! Sending countless prayers.”

Quigley’s landlord saw her on Saturday afternoon at approximately 3 p.m., leaving her home in North Bergen, New Jersey. The 32-year-old dancer was wearing a pink top, blue jeans and heels. She was also seen near the Port Authority in New York at approximately 1 a.m. on Sunday morning. 

A source tells CBS News that Port Authority police are checking video, but Captain Patrick Irwin of North Bergen police said there is no evidence Quigley actually entered Port Authority or boarded a bus. He said the incident is still being treated as a missing person case, as there is no sign of criminality. 

He also added that thanks to Rihanna and Missy, police are receiving a lot of tips. 

“We’re getting phone calls from California, Boston and all over. Of course we’re looking at everything we get, but that also means there’s that much more our detectives have to investigate,” he said. 

The NYPD is leading the investigation in New York, after finding her car and cell phone in the city. The North Bergen Police Department is requesting that anyone with information about Quigley’s whereabouts contact the Detective Bureau at (201) 392-2092.

In the video Rihanna posted, Quigley talks about kindness and says, “Imagine if we treated each other like we all really came from the same family. I know people probably think I’m crazy because I’m always telling everyone ‘I love you! I love you!’ Because the minute that I meet somebody I do love them because I know in my heart and in my spirit that that’s my brother and my sister, that’s my neighbor.”

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