Right-to-work debate starts, opponents rally at Capitol

Just minutes into the afternoon session, protesters started yelling and were taken out of the chamber.

\"A civil debate is listening to the other side,\" declared Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Voss.

\"Mic check! Mic check!\" yelled a man in the balcony. \"Right to Work is wrong for Wisconsin. Right to Work is Wrong for Wisconsin.\"

The State Assembly started debate Thursday morning.  Right to Work is the only item on the agenda for debate.  

Lawmakers opened up 24 hours of debate, meaning it could last until Friday morning at 9:00.  

Opponents of the bill rallied outside the capitol at noon saying they stand together for labor unions. About 300 people were outside the capitol, many came in from other states like Minnesota.  

Democrats say they know they don't have the votes to shut the bill down but are trying to push some changes.

\"Will we vote for this bill if they amend it? Absolutely not,\" said Kenosha Democrat Peter Barca.  Republican leaders say they'll debate on change, but will not include them.

They also say not every Republican is expected to vote in favor of the bill.

\"It's not my job to call those people out,\" Voss said. \"They are still deciding, I think the debate is going to make a difference.\"


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