Resident at Luther Manor tests positive for COVID-19

NOW: Resident at Luther Manor tests positive for COVID-19

WAUWATOSA, WI (CBS 58) – Leadership at Luther Manor says it was an 89-year-old woman who tested positive for the coronavirus.

They say she remains in the hospital with mild symptoms.

According to the president and CEO Stephanie Chedid, there are no other positive cases in their Wauwatosa and Mequon campuses, including their staff.

The company has also been working with the City of Wauwatosa Department of Health to ensure all residents, staff, and others who came in contact with the resident are notified and monitoring symptoms.

The company applauded the hard work being done by health care workers during this time.

They’re asking the public to continue sending their drawings and inspirational messages that have been motivational to their healthcare staff.

“Continue to pray for us and pray for all the residents here,” says Chedid. “We have their best interest at heart certainly and when we all get through this we’re going to have a corona party and celebrate everything that was done and really cheer the hard working health care workers in the industry.”

The company says they’re still following guidelines from the CDC that includes only allowing essential visitors who are caring for their residents, screening staff, and special visitation for loved ones in hospice.

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