Rescued Kitten Now Looking for Forever Home

On Wednesday, December 3, probationary firefighter Brandon Boettcher with the Caledonia Police Department got his first save: a kitten named “Lucky” who was trapped in a sewer. 

The Caledonia Police Department initially took the call; the fire department kindly responded to the distress meows of the baby kitten trapped behind Pick-N-Save on Douglas Avenue. The team lifted a manhole cover to get the kitten to safety, and she purred away in gratitude the entire time. 

“She was really cold when we got her out and she just clung to my coat,” said Boettcher. 

Thankfully, the kitten suffered no injuries. She was never claimed by an owner, so WHS veterinary staff spayed and microchipped Lucky and she's now available for adoption. 

“It made our hearts swell when we learned of this compassionate rescue. We are so grateful to Brandon and the whole fire department, and it's just so cool that this one act of kindness will also impact the family who adopts Lucky,” said Alison Kleibor, the director of animal sheltering at WHS. 

Lucky will be available for adoption Friday, December 12 at 2:00 p.m. at the WHS Racine Campus, 2706 Chicory Road in Racine. 
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