Republicans and Democrats reach out to Racine County voters

NOW: Republicans and Democrats reach out to Racine County voters


RACINE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- Elections are just about a month away, coming up on November 6 and Wisconsin Candidates on both sides of the aisle are reaching out to Racine County voters Sunday.

The Governor’s Race

A Marquette University Law School survey out last week shows Democrat Tony Evers running for governor is ahead of Republican Governor Scott Walker. Both addressed the poll at separate events on Sunday. Evers believes it’s because of what he stands for.

“Because we're talking about issues Wisconsin cares about, period,” Evers said.

Governor Walker said the poll means they have to continue to campaign and canvas.

“Don't explain the polls by saying they're wrong,” Walker said. “Explain the polls by saying that's all the motivation we need to go talk to more voters, to get the truth out.”

U.S. Senate Race

Republican Leah Vukmir is campaigning to take Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin’s seat. 

“I will use my background as a nurse to once and for all replace Obamacare with a patient centered healthcare system that lets you actually have a relationship with your doctor,” Vukmir said.

Both Vukmir and Baldwin addressed healthcare Sunday, at separate events.

“We need to pass bi-partisan legislation that I worked on to lower costs in the Affordable Care Act. And, we meanwhile have to be talking about how as a nation, ultimately and in the long term, we allow every American to have access to affordable high quality health care,” Baldwin said.

Replacing Paul Ryan

Both Democrat Randy Bryce and Republican Bryan Steil are looking to take House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat in Wisconsin’s 1st District. An attack ad is making headlines this week. It features James Bryce supporting Steil instead of his own brother.

“It's sad to see him sink that low and feel like they can't win on ideas so they have to find something to do,” Randy Bryce said. “What I'm going to do, I'm doing this because I know I'm the one that's going to help people have health insurance, I'm going to make sure people get good paying jobs here in Wisconsin.”

Steil says he’s been campaigning on a positive message on how to grow the economy and how to lower healthcare costs.

“If we stay focused on the issues that's best for voters that will allow us to carry the day,” Steil said. “When I'm out there, talking to voters they want to take a step forward economically, they don't want to take a step back to the failed economic policies of the past.”

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