Republican leaders open RNC Hispanic Community Center in Milwaukee's Lincoln Village neighborhood

NOW: Republican leaders open RNC Hispanic Community Center in Milwaukee’s Lincoln Village neighborhood

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- National Republicans have their sights set on growing their voter base in Wisconsin, including the opening of their new Milwaukee Hispanic Community Center on West Lincoln Ave. on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

The opening of the center is part of the Republican National Committee's multi-million dollar effort to engage with Latino voters in Wisconsin and across the nation.

Wisconsin's Latino voters helped narrowly tip the state towards Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Now the GOP has its sights set on the races for governor and senator in 2022.

"Why is this so important? Because the Democrat party has taken the votes of these people and this community and your state taken for granted for far too long," Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, said. "And as a party, we have to show up in communities that have been habitually democrat and talk about the values that we share in common."

In a statement, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin claimed their side has better served the Latino community in the state and that they believe their work with the community will help keep the state blue in next year's election. 

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