'Wauwatosa is ready for change and that change starts with me': Sean Lowe ready to make voice heard as alderman

NOW: ’Wauwatosa is ready for change and that change starts with me’: Sean Lowe ready to make voice heard as alderman

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- After more than 13 hours of a recount in Wauwatosa, Sean Lowe has been confirmed the winner by the same exact result of 703-702.

CBS 58 spoke with Lowe moments after the result.

The race for the next District 5 Alderman was between Sean Lowe and Rob Gustafson.

Lowe had won the initial race after receiving the tie-breaker vote before Gustafson requested for a recount.

Sean Lowe is now the first Black man elected an alderman in Wauwatosa.

He told CBS 58 during a one-on-one interview that he has a "laundry list" of items that he plans to address in office.

"They didn't elect someone who's just going to sit their and twirl their thumbs," Lowe explained. "I really plan to get a lot of things done in this city and make it a safe and welcoming community for all."

One way Lowe hopes to do that is by banning no-knock warrants in Wauwatosa. He says he also plans to work closely with the police department, one that has been under public scrutiny over the last few years after several instances where officers shot people of color.

"Really work with our police department on strong community policing," Lowe said. "Making sure that our police department has the proper diversity and inclusion training and equity training."

Lowe says that he is hopeful these types of initiatives will help people feel more safe in the Wauwatosa community and know that there are diverse individuals on the force and in elected positions helping support them.

"I think I'll have some success," Lowe said, when asked if he anticipates any pushback. "I have a great relationship with the police chief and the staff over there so I'm looking forward to building on those relationships."

Another topic Lowe is passionate about is the protecting community green spaces while also advocating for small business development and growth.

"I want to make sure that people know you can be pro-development, but also protect green spaces in this city," Lowe explained. "I really want to make sure I do whatever it takes to protect our county grounds and that county land and protect our green spaces here in Wauwatosa while still offering some great development opportunities for developers and small business owners."

Lowe highlighted the importance of small business success for the city's growth.

"This community thrives on investing in the success of small businesses," Lowe said. "If you look up and down North Avenue, there's a lot of great small businesses that are routinely supported by the residents because they like the walkability and accessibility of those businesses where they can just open their front door and walk and support a small business in Wauwatosa and walk back home."

As he works to champion these topics and advocates for change and inclusion, Lowe is also hopeful that his historic win will encourage others, young and old, to follow in his footsteps.

"A huge barrier has been broken and now anybody moving here, a child, an adult that wants to get involved in politics, they have hope," Lowe said. "They know that there is a chance that a black man can win an election in Wauwatosa and that means the world to me, because people can look at that and always say, 'Yes it can happen in this city. Wauwatosa is welcoming for everybody.' Wauwatosa is ready for change and that change starts with me."

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