Red Cross Trying to Hold Off An Emergency with Blood Supply

The American Red Cross has a severe winter blood shortage and is issuing an emergency call for blood and platelet donors to make a donation appointment now and help save patient lives.  

Hectic holiday schedules for many regular blood donors contributed to about 37,000 fewer donations in November and December than what was needed. Snowstorms and severe weather have also impacted donations. Nearly 100 blood drives were forced to cancel in December, resulting in more than 3,100 blood donations going uncollected. 

"We don't want to disrupt what the hospitals need from us," said Patty Flowers of the Red Cross Wisconsin. "So, we're going out there and saying we're here. If you haven't donated in awhile, please do."

The Red Cross is extending hours and encouraged folks to use their app to get pre-screening done before their appointment.

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