Record travel predicted for holiday season by AAA

NOW: Record travel predicted for holiday season by AAA

(CBS 58) -- More than one third of Americans will be traveling this holiday season according to AAA, which includes more than 2.3 million Wisconsinites.

So make sure you factor extra travel time into your trip.

A record 102 million people are expected to pack into cars for the holidays.

If you’re flying, General Mitchell International Airport says you should arrive two hours before your flight, and think about when your flight takes off.

“Earlier in the morning sometimes the waits are longer than they are later in the day, but we’re not noticing any excessive wait times at the security checkpoints,” General Mitchell Communications Director Harold Mester said.

TSA says going through pre-check can save you time at the airport. The also said agents will be working despite the government shutdown.

One of the most common mistake people make during the holidays is going through security with wrapped Christmas presents.

“If your gift alarms, we are going to have to open it," TSA Representative Frank Pipia said. "And nobody wants to have their nicely wrapped gift tear, and then they have to wrap it again.”

General Mitchell says it’s always possible this time of year for weather in other city’s to delay your flight.

They suggest staying in touch with your airline.

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