Reckless driving task force reviews community recommendations

NOW: Reckless driving task force reviews community recommendations

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A city-county task force looking for ways to stop reckless driving in Milwaukee went over a list of recommendations Thursday, Jan. 16. 

"One, they want accountability for offenders, two, they want to see some education prevention and three, they want some engineering solutions to force people to slow down in driving," said Alderman Michael Murphy. 

Ald. Murphy chairs the task force. The recommendations followed two public listening sessions last year. 

Reckless driving is a problem that raises concerns from the public and from task force members like Milwaukee Municipal Judge Derek Mosley. 

"I am frustrated," Mosley said. "I am on the front lines of this. I see the defendants and I see the victims. And it's hard for me to tell the victim, hey, I'm sorry that you got hit and your car's damaged, that's the only car that you have and you can't get to work, but I'm gonna have him do some community service for you."

The recommendations for improving safety are still a work in progress. 

You can find the full report below:

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