Ready or Not...Old Man Winter Coming Back to Us

Winter should start in six weeks, but Mother Nature has other ideas for us. On Monday we were spoiled with temperatures in the 50s. But as the CBS58 weather team is telling us, it's all ending on Tuesday. And coming off a brutally cold winter last year followed by a short, cool summer, we shouldn't really be surprised with the fast cool down.

But the experts say regardless it's important to become winter ready, especially with our driving habits when the snow starts falling. We tend to forget how the dangerous conditions can be, even with just a little bit of snow. It's estimated 45 people die in winter weather related car crashes each year in Wisconsin. So obliviously slowing down and allowing more time are crucial. Also it's recommended to have an emergency kit in your car in case you get stuck.

We did check with many area cities, towns, and municipalities. Many appear to be ready in terms of salt supply.

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