Razor blades found inside new pair of pants at Walmart New Berlin

NOW: Razor blades found inside new pair of pants at Walmart New Berlin


NEW BERLIN, WI (CBS 58) –A New Berlin family made an alarming discovery after buying a new pair of pants at Walmart.

Niki, who only wished to be identified by her first name, said she and her family were shopping at the New Berlin Walmart on Wednesday (April 11th)  and they bought a pair of Wrangler work pants.

When he went to try them on, she said, he stuck his hands in the pockets to adjust them and sliced his hand open.

“We cleaned up the cuts, removed the blades, and went to the store to let them know what happened”, explains Niki.

But for Niki and her family, it was not about putting blame on the store but rather raising awareness.

“I never check the pants pockets of my kid’s pants when I buy them new pants," said Niki. “So I think that’s the most important thing as consumers we should be aware of.”

The New Berlin store confirmed the incident and told the family about a potential prevention plan.

“They want to maybe do custom packaging so they’re not able to be unlocked until after they’re purchased," says Niki. “Or possibly consider not selling them at all.”

But it’s not clear how the blades got into the pocket.

“I Googled the issue after it happened to see if it was a thing,” says Niki. “An article came up that people use anything sharp to cut open packages and then discard the item in pants pockets.”

The family says no police report was filed just an incident report with the store. We reached out to Walmart for a statement but have not heard back yet.

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