Rainy Days and Below Average Temps the Story This Month

May is ending with a sunny day and temperatures possibly just above average. This was not the norm throughout the month. For days on end, it felt like the rain would never quit. With 21 rainy days tallied, we had more days with rainfall than we did non-rain days. Believe it or not, we were still below the average for rainfall during the month. Why? Over half of those days featured 0.01” of rain or less. It’s tough to stack up those numbers and get them closer to the average when rain falls at that pace.

It took 13 days before Milwaukee hit 70 degrees or warmer to start the month. That cool start was too much to overcome to get back to normal for the average temperature. At one point, the departure was -7.1 degrees. Going into the last day of the month today, the average temperature is 54.7°. That leaves the departure at -0.7°. We would need a VERY warm day to get back to normal for the month. We will end just below the average.

Enjoy what might be one of the nicest days this month!

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