Rain isn't discouraging State Fair attendees

NOW: Rain isn’t discouraging State Fair attendees

A public safety official says rain isn’t keeping people away from the fair, in fact he says attendance is surprisingly good for a slightly rainy weather day.

CBS 58 spoke with some fair-goers who say the rain isn’t going to keep them away from the festivities. There have been a couple of rough weather days since the start, but there are things to do indoors.

The exposition center is filled with vendors and you can take a walk through and say hello to horses, goats, and cows.

“We’ll try to find a building to duck into for a while or go underneath, yeah, see the animals. There’s plenty to do if it does start downpouring,” says Rich Bober from Illinois.

“I’m excited for the rides and enjoying the last few days of summer,” say Nathan Brendenahl and Evan Patten of Milwaukee.

“We looked at the radar and saw it was gonna get sunny and thought it was the best time to come and it’s the best parking,” says Debbie from Milwaukee.

The state fair is open until 11:00 Thursday night and until midnight over the weekend.

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