Rain barrels and gardens part of effort to manage water use in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE-The fruits and vegetables of a summer of labor are now being enjoyed in some of Milwaukee's most congested neighborhoods.

Since April, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District or MMSD has been distributing rain barrels to help nourish community gardens along the 30th Street industrial corridor.

Clean Wisconsin and Northwest Side Community Development Corp. have also proven crucial in installing rain gardens with the goal of helping conserve water and prevent basement backups.

\"The reason why that matters is because one inch of rain, if it fell uniformly that's over seven billion gallons of water that falls,\" explained Bre McDonald with MMSD. \"So every drop counts.\"

Marek Landscaping has been commissioned to help educate residents on what they can do to better manage storm water and local artist Quan Caston has created public art at the installation sites.

\"Personally,  I'm on board with green technology,\" Caston told CBS 58 News. \"Whatever I can do to assist that process.\"

Resident Rosalind Cox who's already active in her neighborhood and church says it's nourishing to be part of a new movement that's taking root in Milwaukee.

\"You can have beautiful things,\" she said, \"Even in a busy area like this.\"


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