Racine Woman Punches Walgreens Employee after Allegedly Trying to Steal Chapsticks

A Racine woman allegedly punched a Walgreens’ employee in the face when she attempted to steal Chapsticks from the store.

According to the criminal complaint, the employee noticed the suspect was allegedly taking Chapsticks out of there packages and then hanging empty packages back up on the shelf.

The suspect then came up to him at the counter and asked to have a lighter.  The suspect than opened the lighter and took it out of the package.

He noticed the Chapsticks were in her purse.

He walked up to her and allegedly asked her where she was going.

The woman allegedly than punched in the face and knocked his glasses off.

The suspect than tried to go through the glass doors but they were locked and police were there quick enough to detain her, according to the criminal complaint.

The woman is charged with misdemeanor battery, obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct and possession of THC. 

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