Racine’s Alex Scales still playing pro at 44 years old

NOW: Racine’s Alex Scales still playing pro at 44 years old

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Growing up in Racine, Alex Scales was all about basketball.

"Basketball was everything. It was something we did during school, after school. It was a good situation,” said Scales.

Twenty-two years after graduating from Racine Lutheran, the 44-year-old is still playing professionally.

"You know it's crazy, I never looked at it like that (playing for two decades). But it has been a blessing. I just try to take it one year at a time. I never really gave myself a 10-year plan,” said Scales.

That philosophy, his talent and work ethic took Scales all over the world. That's not hyperbole, he has played in at least a dozen countries from nine seasons in the NBA to seasons in China, India and Argentina.

"Home was my suitcase,” said Scales. “It's been a great situation that I'm able to still play at a high level with my age. Your mind tells you 'oh, you can go out there and do it,' but your body has to respond."

Now he's back in the U.S. playing in the BIG3.

"It's a great set-up. There's nothing else out there that's like it,” said Scales.

Alex has spent exactly half of his entire life playing professional basketball, but eventually he'll have to hang up the sneakers. When that day comes, he already knows what is next.

"I want to be able to coach and help kids out because I know growing up I didn't have a lot of trainers and things like that growing up, so I know how hard it is to be able to do it without other people helping,” Scales said.

You can watch Alex and the BIG3 every week on CBS and YouTube.

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