Racine officer-involved shooting ruled justified

RACINE -- The fatal shooting of Rajko Utvic by a Racine Police Department officer has been ruled justified. Utvic was shot and killed on July 6, 2014, after advancing towards police officers with a knife in his hand.

Two Racine police officers responded to the 3000 block of Durand Ave. after Utvic reported ingesting 100 Ibuprofen pills. When officers arrived on scene Utvic had a knife in his hand.

According to police, Utvic charged at officers with that knife. The Racine Police Department says its officers had to shoot Utvic after other non-lethal means to stop him failed.

An external investigation conducted by the Racine County Sheriff's Office determined the lives of Racine police officers, firefighters and citizens were at risk. This is why the sheriff's department ruled the shooting justified.

In a statement, the Racine Police Department said:

\"...we are mindful that the outcome in this case is difficult for family members and friends of Mr. Utvic. Even when justified by legal intervention, the loss of life is no less tragic.\"


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