Racine & Me September 3rd, 2016: Racine Library Showcase

On this episode of Racine & Me, we explore the Racine Public Library. Did you know, its more than just books? Not only can you live stream videos, audiobooks and music from the library’s database you can even check out items like Kindles, Ipads and wireless hotspots.

This all is yours for free with a membership to the library.

We also discussed some of the library’s connections to the community and partnerships. Ever since 2006, the library has held movie nights on the fourth Tuesday of each Monday at 6pm, where a movie with the theme of race is screened, and then a discussion is held afterward.

The friends of the library is also hosting some unique events, including these upcoming events:

Guitarist Peter Fletcher, Oct 5, 6pm

An Evening with Dr. Who, October 22, 6pm

 Breakfast With the Authors, November 10

Book Sale, November 10, 11, 12

And finally, the library is always hosting events, but they’re bursting at the seams. Currently the library is taking a pulse of the community to see how open they would be to the idea of adding on a third floor. For more information on all of this and more programs visit the library website: http://www.racinelibrary.info/

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