Racine & Me September 23, 2018: Battle of the Badges, USAFL Nationals, and Franksville Craft Beer Garden Oktoberfest

NOW: Racine & Me September 23, 2018: Battle of the Badges, USAFL Nationals, and Franksville Craft Beer Garden Oktoberfest

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Jacob Kittilstad heard from contenders in the rivalry-boxing event coming to J. I. Case High School - where every fighter will either be from law enforcement or fire department. The Battle of the Badges: The Fight for Autism raises money for multiple charities which support people with disabilities. The event also encourages fighters to get in shape and defend the names of their respective departments. Click here to learn more about the event

Next, the Australian Consul General in Chicago – Matt Wise – visited the set to talk about the upcoming United States Australian Football League (USAFL) National Championships which are being held in Racine at the SCORe Soccer Complex. Along with Real Racine, the conversation drifted from the rules of the sport to the atmosphere of the crowd. Jacob also brewed a special beer for the visit by a foreign dignitary: a saison by the name of the “Australia Caledonia Connection”. Click here for more event information

Oktoberfest celebrations will soon be happening across the state but organizers of a new event in Franksville hope their bash dedicated to the harvest season will become a mainstay. The Franksville Craft Beer Garden will be holding their inaugural Oktoberfest this year - mainly because this is the first season they have ever been open. The husband-wife owner team reflects on how business has been at the Caledonia-Mount Pleasant Joint Memorial Park and talk to Jacob about how their professional lives intersect with their personal lives. Click here for more information about the beer garden

With the help of the Franksville Craft Beer Garden – Jacob invited guests from the previous segments back to the set for a Stein Hoisting Competition! Who will prevail in the feat of strength? Police officer, firefighter, or a representative of Australia?

Guests: James Kelly – President of Battle of the Badges, Malcolm Kelly – Village of Mount Pleasant Police Officer, Joshua Jamison – South Shore Fire Department Firefighter, Matt Wise - Australian Consul General of Chicago, Cari Greving – Real Racine Events Manager, Molly Michel – Hop Heads Hospitality and Events Co-Owner, Ken Michel Jr. – Hop Heads Hospitality and Events Co-Owner

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