Racine & Me September 2, 2018: Gold Medal Lofts, Racine-Kenosha Heart Walk, and Mayor Hefty’s Rescue Squad Retirement

NOW: Racine & Me September 2, 2018: Gold Medal Lofts, Racine-Kenosha Heart Walk, and Mayor Hefty’s Rescue Squad Retirement

Jacob Kittilstad learned about the second-life for one building in Racine thanks to Affordable Housing Tax Credits from WHEDA.  The development will renovate the historic Gold Medal Camping Furniture building at 1700 Packard Avenue. A representative from J. Jeffers & Co Real Estate said that 77 units will be going into the space, adding much needed housing stock as businesses continue to expand in the region.

Next, the “Heart Walk Hero” from the Racine-Kenosha Heart Walk sat down with Jacob to talk about how she discovered she had heart disease. She was a petty officer in the Navy going through boot camp when she started to frequently pass out during strenuous exercise. It took more than 10 years for Kelsey Gumm to get a diagnosis – and although her health situation barred her from a career in the Navy, she is now sharing her story to raise awareness on the struggle and prevalence of heart issues. The chairperson for the 2018 Heart Walk also talked about how people can get involved and fundraise for local causes. Click here for more information

You may know her best at the mayor of Burlington, but in 1987 Jeannie Hefty became the first-ever woman to join the city’s Rescue Squad. Now – after more than 30 years of service – she is retiring from her life as a volunteer. She tells Jacob that she is now moving into an advocacy role and trying to get more people to consider joining the group. But she also reflected on what she brought to the Burlington Rescue Squad - including a compassionate approach to medical emergencies and a stuffed animal program for young children at accidents scene whose parents had been injured. Click here to learn more about the Burlington Rescue Squad

And one of the most competitive pie competitions is just ahead on the calendar – the 14th Annual Pie Contest and Auction is scheduled to happen during the upcoming Rochester Day in the Country. The rules are simple: the pie has to be made in at least a 9” pan that won’t be given back, and the pie can’t require refrigeration. They need to be delivered on September 15 to Community State Bank (201 West Main Street, Rochester) between 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. along with a notecard listing the ingredients. The 2018 champion let Jacob have a taste-test of her German Chocolate inspired pie while Jacob gave her a taste of his Racine & Me Nectarine and Blueberry pie. What’s wrong with a little kitchen competition? …especially when the auction benefits the Rochester Area Historical Society. Click here for more information about RAHS and Click here for more information on Rochester Day in the Country

Guests: Joshua Jeffers – J. Jeffers & Co. President and CEO, Amy Connolly – Racine Director of City Development, Kelsey Gumm – Racine-Kenosha Heart Walk “Heart Walk Hero”, Tim Goodman – Racine-Kenosha Heart Walk Chairperson, Jeannie Hefty – Mayor of Burlington and Retiring Member of the Burlington Rescue Squad, Brian Zweibel – Burlington Rescue Squad Chief, Joni Beck – Rochester Area Historical Society President, Judy Bratz – 2017 Rochester Pie Contest Champion

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