Racine & Me: Sculpture Milwaukee's Racine Connection, "Wine, Stein, & Dine," Animal Crackers Concert Series (6/16/2019)

Racine & Me: Sculpture Milwaukee’s Racine Connection, “Wine, Stein, & Dine,“ Animal Crackers Concert Series (6/16/2019)

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Racine Connection to Sculpture Milwaukee

It’s the art gallery that brings the art outside. Sculpture Milwaukee is now in its third year.

More than 20 pieces of artwork are installed along Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. One of them has a connection to Racine.

Learn about the London-based artist behind it, the design, and the unique partnership that resulted in local kids building it. It’s a first for the exhibit which runs through October 27th.

Wine, Stein, & Dine

In our monthly update with the Racine Zoo we look ahead to two events. The first is Wine, Stein, & Dine on Saturday, June 29th. It showcases classic Wisconsin food and beverages.

Two employees from Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly showcase the treats they’ll feature at the zoo.

Animal Crackers Concert Series

This year’s Animal Crackers Concert Series starts next month at the Racine Zoo. Get a sneak peek at who’s performing this year and find out how the zoo secures these great acts.

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