Racine & Me October 6, 2018: Adebisi Agoro Coat Drive, Bill Reid, the Wellness Fair, and Animation Magic

NOW: Racine & Me October 6, 2018: Adebisi Agoro Coat Drive, Bill Reid, the Wellness Fair, and Animation Magic


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Jacob Kittilstad is revisited by past-guest and friend-of-the-show Adebisi Agoro II to talk about what he is doing to honor his son who drowned in Peters Lake in June. With the help of the school his son attended – Milwaukee College Prep North Campus – the family is asking for coats to be donated to multiple locations as a tribute to the 14-year-old’s warmth and loving character. The school’s principal also reflects on how classmates have been processing this loss. Click here for more information

Next, Jacob pays a visit to the home-studio of Bill Reid – possibly Racine’s most eclectic artist. During the tour, viewers learn more about Bill’s approach to art - and the process he uses to attain his instantly recognizable characters mostly based on wordplay. He also reflects on shyness which he combats by assuring himself that most people don’t notice or don’t care. Also, there’s the fact that he’s proud of his art… Click here to visit his website

The organizer of the upcoming Wellness Fair joined Jacob in-studio to talk about why it was important for him to create the event. He says it’s an access point to learn about alternative or holistic medicine that might be beneficial for certain individuals, but not necessarily offered at the doctor’s office. Also, Renew Holistic Wellness from Mount Pleasant will be represented at the event. Click here to see more about this event

And finally, we all know that it’s common to get songs from cartoons stuck in our heads. Disney created an entire industry by creating earworms. Well now some of that music is coming to Racine live with the Signature Series: Animation Magic. The show at the Racine Theatre Guild will have performances from the Union Grove High School Choral Department and multiple solos from individuals including the “Spotlight Star” Juliana Garcia-Malacara who is a senior at Horlick High School. Click here to learn more about this event

Guests: Adebisi Agoro II – Father of Adebisi Oluwabodunde Agoro, Kanika A. Burks – Milwaukee College Prep North Campus Principal, Bill Reid – Artist, Lucas Robak – The Wellness Fair Organizer, Kelly Kolodzinski – Renew Holistic Wellness Owner, Doug Instenes – Racine Theatre Guild Managing & Artistic Director, Juliana Garcia-Malacara – “Animation Magic” Spotlight Star

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