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Racine & Me, May 6, 2017: Joseph and the amazing technicolor Dreamcoat, Spirits of Norway, & the Racine Zoo

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Jacob Kittilstad started by sharing this big news with viewers: “Racine & Me” has been moved to its new timeslot at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings. An increase in interest in the show is the reason behind the move. This is a vast improvement from its former schedule because more people will get the chance to see the program, mainly because more people will be awake.

The first guests to join Jacob came from the Racine Theatre Guild. Their production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starts in early May and their managing/artistic director spoke about how much work has gone into the production. He also shared his thought on why the musical has remained a fixture in American pop-culture for so long. The 18-year-old actor portraying “Joseph” in the musical then performed a section of the song Close Every Door. During his discussion with Jacob, the actor said he is trying to bring boundless energy to the role – and cited Donny Osmond (naturally) as his main influence. Learn more by clicking here

Also, for a look at the video clip with the added music - click here

Next, the man behind Spirits of Norway Vineyard came to the studio. He told Jacob about the types of grapes the vineyard uses to produce its wines – including a variety engineered to thrive in cold weather climates. An impromptu tasting also happened on-set that included the intriguing Root Beer wine - invented by the man himself. You can’t visit this vineyard but you can learn more about how you can buy their products by visiting their website. Learn more by clicking here

After reviewing a few voicemails offering recommendations on ear hair removal, Jacob welcomed back two representatives from the Racine Zoo. This time they brought a Vietnamese Stick Insect to help promote their upcoming Wild 5K Run/ Walk. The event falls on the same weekend as their other Mother’s Day events (which are filling up fast). Jacob also learned more about “stick bugs” and learned about why they move like they do. Learn more by clicking here

Guests: Doug Instenes – Managing and Artistic Director of the Racine Theatre Guild’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Noah Chartrand – Actor portraying “Joseph” in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Randy Larson – Spirits of Norway Vineyard, Beth Heidorn – Executive Director of the Racine Zoo, Aszya Summers – Racine Zoo Conservation Education Manager

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