Racine & Me May 27 2018: Lenny Zwieg, Project “Bring Them Home”, RSPA’s The Greatest Show, and Beat Council

NOW: Racine & Me May 27 2018: Lenny Zwieg, Project “Bring Them Home”, RSPA’s The Greatest Show, and Beat Council

Jacob Kittilstad presented a full interview with Lenny Zwieg to start off the show. People around Burlington may know him (and his family) from their T-Shirts which ask people to “Share Your Spare” – a reference to the fact that the father of three needs a kidney donation. The T-shirts were his fiancée’s idea and they started getting a lot of interest after a picture of Zwieg at a Brewer’s game went viral online. The family talks about the struggle finding a donor match and how they continue to support one another through the decade long health-fallout from Dengue Fever. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved

Next, Racine County Foster Care joined Jacob in-studio to talk about their new campaign titled “Bring Them Home”. The goal of the effort is to get more local parents involved in the foster care system so that the 90 children who have been sent out of county can return to the region where their families and schools are. Program coordinators say that trauma for children is reduced when they can stay closer to their communities – and they say continuing connections with people who know them also makes their lives less chaotic. Foster mother of 22 children Stacy Scott also talked about her commitment to the program and shared why she got additional training to take in more than one child at a time (especially siblings). Click here to learn more

The Racine Studio of Performing Arts is preparing for their annual recital known as RSPA Present The Greatest Show. The studio’s director brought along two young dancers who have had to overcome challenges to even get on stage – and one of the 12-year-olds showed-off one of the solo dances that she has been preparing for. Click here to learn more

Beat Council wrapped up the show by promoting their album which is coming out on Memorial Day. It’s called “Crown” and it brings together producers, rappers, singers, and music video producers who live in the Racine area. Kiondre Graham and Armon Wilkes also gave a special performance of the new single “Work” – which they say speaks to the blue collar work ethic in the city. Click here to check out their music on Spotify

Guests: Lenny Zwieg – Needs A Kidney Transplant, Becky Roberts – Lenny Zwieg’s Fiancee, Helena Zwieg – Lenny Zwieg and Becky Roberts Daughter, Marie Hargrove – Racine County Foster Care Recruitment and Retention Specialist, Stacy Scott – Foster Parent, Mandie Andersen – Racine Studio of Performing Arts Director, Leah May – Racine Studio of Performing Arts Dancer, Caitlin Nason – Racine Studio of Performing Arts Dancer, Roberto “TR” Torres – Beat Council, Rune Williams – Beat Council, Kiondre Graham – Beat Council, Armon Wilkes – Beat Council

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