Racine & Me, May 21st, 2016: Firefighters Fight Cancer, Mount Pleasant Residents Fight Erosion, Kraut Fest Needs a Queen, Self-Defense Expert Bill Stedman

 On this episode of Racine and Me, we hear from firefighters Alex Hagen and Rudi Betancourt, both one year into their jobs and both fighting cancer. The fire department says-they’re doing whatever they can to get these guys back to  healthy.

Plus Mount Pleasant Residents are losing their backyards to erosion. We speak with a city official who talks about what can be done.

Kraut Fest has no potential for royalty, as no one has signed up to be Kraut Queen. Details on what’s involved and how you can sign up.

And finally Racine native Bill Stedman teaches self defense to men, women and children across the state and he’s giving us a demo on tips to stay safe every day.

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