Racine & Me June 17, 2018: Foxconn Water Diversion Legal Challenge, June Pops: Mad Hot Opera, and the Racine Zoo

NOW: Racine & Me June 17, 2018: Foxconn Water Diversion Legal Challenge, June Pops: Mad Hot Opera, and the Racine Zoo

Jacob Kittilstad started the show by talking to representative from Midwest Environmental Advocates about the petition they recently filed concerning the Foxconn Water Diversion plan approved by the Wisconsin DNR. The legal challenge comes on behalf of multiple groups including River Alliance of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, and The Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. Their position is that new water diversion plans - as defined by the Great Lakes Compact – must be for “public water supply purposes” if supplying areas beyond the basin. The legal challenge argues the diversion mostly benefits one private company.

The ballots for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District August 14 Primary Election have been set.  Leading up to the vote Racine & Me is planning to have on candidates - Republican, Democrat, and Independent – to discuss why they got into the race and what separates them from other people on the ballot. This task started with Jeremy Ryan who is well-known as a political provocateur in Madison, gaining notoriety during protests surrounding act 10. He on the GOP ballot – but local county-defined Republican Parties say he is neither a serious candidate nor a Republican. He sits down with Jacob to discuss his recent decision to get drunk then smoke marijuana while doing a video-recorded question and answer session from his email box.

The Racine Symphony Orchestra is preparing for their June Pops show entitled Mad Hot Opera. The show includes vocalists from the Racine Belle Ensemble – and one of those singers joined Jacob at the interview desk. They talked about how to prepare for this kind of concert and how singers specialize in the niche genre. Viewers also got a sample of what’s planned for the upcoming concert. Click here to learn more about the event

The Racine Zoo certainly is a busy place during the summer for families – but they have a lot of adult-geared events as well. That includes different wine and beer tastings coming up on the calendar. In honor of those events, the zoo brought along the perfect animal to pair with the drinks – a Leopard Gecko name “Cheese”. Click here to Learn more about the Wine, Stein & Dine event on Saturday, June 30 and Click here to learn more about their Roar & Pour event on Wednesday, June 27 and Wednesday August 1

Guests: Allison Werner – River Alliance of Wisconsin Policy and Advocacy Director, Jodi Habush Sinykin – Counsel for Midwest Environmental Advocates, Jeremy Ryan – Candidate on Republican Primary Ballot for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, Nicholas Barootian – Racine Belle Ensemble Vocalist, Amber Olsen – Racine Zoo Special Events and Sales Manager

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