Racine & Me July 22, 2018: Randy Bryce, BOLD, Competitive Eater Andrew Kogutkiewicz, and Fleeing Artists Theatre

NOW: Racine & Me July 22, 2018: Randy Bryce, BOLD, Competitive Eater Andrew Kogutkiewicz, and Fleeing Artists Theatre

Jacob Kittilstad continued his mission of talking to all of the candidates running in the party primaries for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. This week he had a conversation with Democrat Randy Bryce – also known as the “Ironstache”. Bryce talked about why he got into the race and how he secured an endorsement from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He also shared his thoughts on Foxconn, his support for a Medicare-for-All system, and what it’s like to have national attention for his campaign. He also addressed questions about his arrest record, which was first reported by CNN.

Water skiing and wakeboarding are huge aspects of summer lake activities but it you are blind or have a visual impairment – the opportunity to really get a feel for the activity may never present itself. BOLD: Blind Outdoor Leisure Development is teaming up with a group in Burlington to connect those people with a chance to get on the water. Group leadership tells Jacob about why it is important and what special guidance is given to make sure people have a positive experience. Click here to learn more about BOLD

Did you know that Wisconsin’s only Major League Eating-signed competitive eater lives in Racine? It’s true: Andrew Kogutkiewicz discovered his eating abilities as a young man and has competed in events for about a decade. He says he’s strongest at eating chicken wings – but he’s preparing for a competition at the Wisconsin State Fair that features a Dairyland favorite: Cheese Curds. He talks to Jacob about his strategy for the event and name-drops a few of his favorite places to eat in Racine. Click here to learn more about the cheese curd eating competition

Fleeing Artists Theatre returns this year with more productions of free Summer Shakespeare. The actors will be performing outside at different parks around Kenosha over the next few weeks. They are prepared to put on productions of Medea and Twelfth Night. Actors from the productions talked about connecting with the audience despite the stereotype of ‘inaccessibility’ – and viewers got to see a monologue from an upcoming show. Click here for information on upcoming productions from Fleeing Artists Theatre

Guests: Randy Bryce – Congressional Candidate, Ray Tweedale – BOLD: Blind Outdoor Leisure Development President, Carla Ernst – BOLD: Blind Outdoor Leisure Development Communication Director, Andrew Kogutkiewicz – Major League Eating Signed Competitive Eater, Alex Metalsky – Fleeing Artists Theatre Founder and Outreach Director, Kevin Duffy – Fleeing Artists Theatre Artistic Director

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