Racine & Me, July 2, 2016: Animal Crackers Concert Series, Waukesha Water Diversion, Lutheran High School/Gateway Technical College Partnership, Cars Stolen from Local Dealerships

On this episode of Racine & Me, a resolution was passed last week allowing the people in the city of Waukesha to use Lake Michigan water, but not everyone is happy about it. We'll get reaction from Racine's mayor and Governor Scott Walker.

Plus the popular Animal Crackers concert series continues in Racine; we'll speak with the Zoo and get the entertainment lineup for this year, and we exclusively will find out about some brand new animals at the zoo.

Next up, dozens of cars stolen from a Racine dealership. You won’t believe how many cars police say the men behind it all stole across the Midwest.

And finally-Racine Lutheran High School is partnering with Gateway Technical College to prepare students for their future; we'll hear how the program is helping.

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