Racine Man Tasered Three Times and Pepper Sprayed Twice During Traffic Stop

A Racine man was tasered three times and pepper sprayed twice after he exited his vehicle during a traffic stop on St. Patrick’s Day on Lathrop Avenue.

A Racine County Sheriff’s Deputy noticed Gregory Olsen’s vehicle allegedly appeared to have no rear registration plate and a light was out on the vehicle. In addition, the deputy believed Olsen was traveling faster than the posted speed limit of 30 mph.

After activating his emergency lights, the vehicle stopped.

According to the complaint, the officer noted the driver was moving around the vehicle quickly and reaching into his back seat.

According to the complaint, the deputy feared for his safety and yelled for the defendant to stop moving.

Olsen allegedly yelled back to the deputy but was incoherent.

Olsen then placed his hands on the steering wheel.

But he then placed his hands outside the window despite being instructed to keep his hands on the steering wheel, according to the complaint.

The defendant then opened his door and exited his vehicle.

The deputy yelled several times to close the door and stop moving.

According to the complaint, the deputy ordered Olsen to put his hands on the vehicle.

Olsen allegedly said, “Dude, I gotta turn my amp off I don’t want my battery to go dead.”

The deputy holstered his weapon and deployed his tasery

The taser had no effect and Olsen proceeded to pull the wires off.

The deputy deployed the taser two more times while ordering the defendant to the ground.

According to the complaint, the taser had no effect either time and Olsen refused to get on the ground.

The deputy then pulled out his oleoresin of capsicum spray and deployed a one second burst into the defendant’s face.

The deputy then began to handcuff Olsen. But Olsen resisted so the deputy sprayed him again.

 Once on the ground, Olsen said, “Dude I’ve got a knife.” Olsen allegedly then pulled out the knife.

After a struggle, the deputy was able to kick the knife away. He then delivered several knee strikes to the defendant until he finally went limp and the Deputy handcuffed him.

The defendant was allegedly overheard saying he had smoked marijuana and had a couple of alcoholic beverages earlier that night.

Olsen was charged with resisting an officer and using a dangerous weapon and negligent handling of a weapon. 

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