Racine man charged after nearly running over woman whose pants got caught in license plate

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Racine man has been arrested and is facing charges of Disorderly Conduct after nearly running over a woman.

Police made contact with the victim who said that she and the defendant, Derrick Tucker, have a 6-week-old baby together.

On August 6, Tucker was in a car in the 1800 block of Roe Avenue. According to the criminal complaint, the victim took off the back license plate and attempted to get the front license plate off when the defendant drove the car towards her. The victim's pants then got caught on the license plate bolt as she tried to get out from the front of the car.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim had to run with the car to avoid being run over. In the process, her arm and leg were injured.

Tucker then allegedly told the victim, "Move b****, get the f*** out of the way."

Officers made contact with Tucker who said he did drive away with the victim attached to the car but he did not hit her.

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