Racine Man Arrested After Stealing From Cars, Hiding Items at Grandparents House

RACINE - A Racine man is now facing multiple charges after he entered several locked vehicles and stole roughly $500 worth of items from one vehicle.

Officers responded to the 1200 block of Monroe Avenue to investigate a report of a car break-in. The first victim stated that the entire lock mechanism on the front passenger-side door was removed and damaged in order for the suspect to gain entry. Items including a hat, gloves, and hunting apparel including a snow camouflage jacket were missing. Altogether, he estimated the items to be worth $500.

An additional victim also stated that her vehicle was also rifled through.

The first victim stated he was in the basement of the Law Enforcement Center when he saw a man wearing an identical snow camouflage jacket and hat to which was stolen from his vehicle. Police also noted the man walking in the 500 block of Wisconsin Ave, wearing the same jacket. When asked about it, the man stated that he purchased the jacket from a garage sale which was later determined to be incorrect.

When confronted by police, the suspect then admitted to breaking into the vehicle and taking the items. He stated that he hid them at his grandparents home and that the majority of it is hidden in his grandmother's bedroom behind a dresser and bookshelf. He said that his brother was the man wearing the items but that he did not know they were stolen.

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