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Racine elementary students get ride to school with Racine County Sheriff's Deputies

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Some kids in Racine got a sweet ride to school Wednesday with an even sweeter stop on the way.

Breanna and nine other students were picked up and taken to Gifford Elementary School by Racine County Sheriff's Deputies. Breanna rode with the sheriff himself.  

Those students raised the most money for their school through a raffle. And as an extra treat, they stopped at Racine's O and H Bakery for a little before-school snack.

Breanna sounded way more interested in her chat with the sheriff, "We were talking about warrants and kinda like the fast and furious and what the jail looked like and stuff,” said the 5th grader.

"She tries to excel at everything she does. In fact she came out on top, again. Sold the most raffle tickets.  I think she raised over a thousand dollars, which is just huge,” said Sheriff Schamling.

And there's a kicker here. A passerby noticed the kids at the bakery, talked to the sheriff and volunteered to pay for all their goodies.    

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