Racine County Executive discusses the latest on Foxconn

NOW: Racine County Executive discusses the latest on Foxconn

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Foxconn deal in Racine no longer faces any municipal huddles, meaning the next “big thing” in the deal is preparing the infrastructure for the project.

Many local officials have pushed for a certain ratio of employees who live in Racine County, compared to those who don’t. The State is gearing up to promote the open jobs to possible employees across the Country.

Racine County Executive Jonathon Delgrave had some thoughts to share about the next step.

"There's a couple thing,” said Delgrave. “One is that we know that the city of Racine has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. So it's a goal of ours so that we can try to get that down so we can match the states unemployment rate. So that's going to be about 900 people from the city that have had significant barriers from unemployment ; whether that's childcare or mental health or whatever it may be. So we want to identify those people and make sure that they have not only have skills but eventually a career path."

Groundbreaking is set for late March or early April. There’s a lot of infrastructure improvements that the County is funding ahead of that. The County has borrowed 80 million dollars to make that happen.

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