Racine company manufacturing parts for GM's ventilators

NOW: Racine company manufacturing parts for GM’s ventilators

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Another Wisconsin company is now joining the fight against COVID-19.

Speedtech International, Inc. is now creating a part for ventilators.

Speedtech is a cord and cable management company out of Racine.

"We’re excited that we can be a help and make a difference," Chris Karnowski, Speedtech President, said.

Right now the company is manufacturing Speedwrap hook and loop fasteners that will be put inside ventilators.

"It’s a little hook and loop cable tie that would wrap around the hose of the ventilator," Karnowski said.

The fasteners will be used in thousands of ventilators produced by General Motors and Ventec Life Systems.

"We’re all in this together," Karnowski said. "Any one of us can get that disease and find ourselves needing a ventilator."

The product is being manufactured, labeled, and packaged up right inside their Racine plant.

"I’ve been with Speedtech for 24 years and I would say this is the most important project that we’ve worked on to date," Jeff Levonian, Speedtech manager, said.

The company is also producing fastening units for face guards that are being worn by medical professionals on the front lines.

"There's a lot of pride in it," Levonian said. "I think being able to be an essential business throughout this and being able to do our part I feel real proud of our company."

During production, Speedtech is taking steps to ensure that their employees stay safe. They have spaced out their machines and are also wearing masks.

Speedech is one of 90 suppliers Worldwide supporting the GM/Ventec initiative.

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