Racine administrators create plan for 1,200 students after Thursday's fire

RACINE -- Racine Unified School District administrators have decided what to do with students from Mitchell Elementary and Middle School. The school caught fire on February 27th, leaving students and faculty without a school.

Students from Mitchell Elementary and Middle School attended a breakfast and lunch Friday. It was the first step towards getting students, teachers and administrators back to normal after Thursday's fire.

Fire destroyed the gymnasium, collapsing the roof.  Other parts of the school are damaged from smoke, heat, and soot.

\"It was kind of shocking at first, but luckily nobody was in the school building,\" Hernandez said.

\"To see your school and place of stability and comfort and friends, it's really sad that our students won't have that for a little while,\" Soren Gajewski, Mitchell Middle School Principal, said.

District administrators have decided to send Mitchell Elementary students to Wind Point Elementary School starting March 5th. They will attend school there for the remainder of the school year.

If all inspections at Mitchell check out,  students and faculty from Mitchell Middle School will return to the school on March 18th.

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