Questioning Started Today for President Trump's Pick for the Next Supreme Court Justice

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch began a long day of questioning from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Describe in any way you want to, what judicial independence means and specifically would you tell us whether you'd have any trouble ruling against a president who appointed you,” said Grassley.

“That's a softball, Mr. Chairman. I have no difficulty ruling against or for any party. Republicans are backing the conservative jurist who has spent the last decade on the Denver-based 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals,” said Gorsuch.

Democrats are questioning his views on hot button issues such as the roe versus wade ruling that legalized abortion.

The committee is expected to vote on Gorsuch's nomination early next month.

Republican leaders hope to have the full senate vote shortly after that.

Gorsuch needs 60 votes for confirmation, which means at least eight Democrats would have to vote for him.

If they don't, republicans may resort to the so-called "nuclear option" in which Gorsuch would need only a simple majority.

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