Quentin Neal now charged with homicide following stabbing, shooting death of pregnant girlfriend

NOW: Quentin Neal now charged with homicide following stabbing, shooting death of pregnant girlfriend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A 27-year-old man has now been charged with allegedly killing his pregnant 21-year-old girlfriend.

Quentin Neal is now charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide and First Degree Intentional Homicide of an Unborn Child.

The parents of Shannon Mani showed up to the Waukesha Police Department on April 13 to report that their daughter was missing. The parents told police that their daughter failed to pick up her brother from school and failed to show up for her work shift which made them concern.

The defendant, Neal, said he had not seen Mani and didn't know where she was. When the parents allegedly told him that they were going to the police, he seemed uneasy and said he wouldn't go along.

Authorities were able to gain access to the victim's Apple Watch which showed a conversation between her and Neal in which he asked if she was still coming over and her responding that she was almost there.

A search warrant was obtained for Neal's home near 77th and Townsend. The Forensic Investigator found several areas which indicated a possible presence of blood. This included a six-foot area on the basement floor near the water meter pipe, a mat, the stationary tub, a bucket inside of the stationary tub, and the walls and sides of the basement stairs.

During an interview with Neal, he admitted that Mani had come to his house and that the two had gotten into a fight. According to the criminal complaint, Neal claimed that Mani took the gun and knife from the kitchen and tried to pull the trigger which didn't go off. Neal then said he shot Mani twice in the head which caused her to fall down the basement stairs. He said that she then came at him again so he took the knife and cut her.

Neal then allegedly admitted to police that he put the victim in a garbage bag, put her into a suitcase, and took the suitcase to a storage locker before disposing of her vehicle and belongings. 

Warning: Graphic Details

Authorities arrived at Neal's storage locker located near 76th and Tower and found the victim deceased inside of a suitcase. Her face had been covered with a black bag and her eyes, ankles, and wrists were bound with duct tape. Inside the suitcase, officers also located bloody towels, duct tape, and a knife.

It was determined that the victim had died from multiple sharp force injuries and gunshot wounds to the head and nec. The victim was approximately 24 weeks pregnant and the fetus was also deceased.

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