Puppies Found in Trash Can Being Fostered in Fond du Lac

The three puppies found in a trash can in South Milwaukee are being fostered with 24 hour care in Fond du Lac.

The three puppies?

They may be a little hard to see but they're in this blanket right here sleeping.

We can’t touch or even hold them. Since they're just three days old.

These three puppies have a simple to do list.

"Eating and sleeping, and letting me know they need to eat and need to sleep," said Renee Webb.

Webb said the puppies were found soaked in urine.

"They came out of a trash can they were dirty, they smelled,” Kathy Shillinglaw said.

The day old puppies were fighting for their lives.

"They were brought in by a concerned citizen that found them in a trash can in South Milwaukee," said Shillinglaw.

The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control rushed to find them a new mom.

"We put little warm socks in there, and blankets,” said Shillinglaw.

Renee Webb said "Their eyes are closed, their ears are closed. They are doing everything by smell. 

She is with the Fond du Lac Humane Society, and will help give the puppies 24 hour care.

"It's a lot of getting up, and lack of sleep until they learn to drink out of bowl,” Webb said.

If you would like to adopt one of these three it's a long road ahead for them.

They shouldn't even be without their mother right now, so it'll be at least 8 weeks til they can be adopted out.

If you are interested you can fill out an application for these or any other animals up for adoption. 

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