Public works departments prepare for weekend snowfall, storm

NOW: Public works departments prepare for weekend snowfall, storm

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning Friday that the potential snow and blizzard-like conditions expected this weekend could make road conditions dangerous.

Local public works departments spent the afternoon preparing for the storm.

"The majority of the snow is going to happen overnight, so for the public, I think it’s going to be OK. The wind will be a factor on the end of the storm," said Rick Gillis, a Waukesha County highway supervisor.

Gillis said drivers should watch out for drifting snow on Sunday. The low temperatures will be another factor in the upcoming winter storm.

"The cold is going to matter because when the snow comes in ... it's going to accumulate faster, so that's always a challenge for us to stay on top of that," said Laura Daniels, director of operations for the Milwaukee Department of Public Works.

Daniels said there is already salt on the ground from last week’s snow storm.

She said overnight conditions mean the snow will likely be wet and heavy, making it harder to move.

"We're prepared that if they're saying 3 to 5 and possibly 8 (inches), that we're ready for that type of snowfall," Daniels said.

She also recommends paying attention to parking rules and giving crews room to do their jobs.

"The road in front of the plows is much worse than the road behind it," Gillis said. "Stay behind them. Don't pass them. Don't follow them too close."

Daniels said the department it will monitor conditions, and depending on how much snow falls, it may decide to issue a snow emergency Saturday.

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