Protestors hold rally to keep families together

NOW: Protestors hold rally to keep families together

MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) – The separation of families is something impacting families across the country and right here in Wisconsin.

It’s a topic that brought people together in downtown Milwaukee outside of the ICE office.

Hundreds of people gathered for the rally Thursday morning.

Local leaders, activist groups as well as religious organizations joined local families who shared their experience with separation.

Ondina Andino says her brother-in-law and nephew have been held in separate internment camps for more than a month now. She says she’s not sure where they are and claims ICE isn’t giving her any information.

The rally also included a plea to free an undocumented father of four who was detained last week; even after the family says he followed all instructions.

“My kids didn’t even get to say goodbye to their father and they shouldn’t have to,” says Ferreyra. “It’s my children’s’ right to have their father and they don’t right now”.

Alderman Jose Perez says the common council will be forming some kind of a resolution on the matter next meeting.

Organizers say this event was held in solidarity with one happening outside of a detention center in McAllen, Texas.

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