Protesters storm through Downtown Milwaukee demanding justice after Ferguson shooting

MILWAUKEE-- Nearly hundred protesters stormed the streets of Downtown Milwaukee, a symbol of solidarity as the country mourns the loss of Michael Brown, a Ferguson, MO teen killed by police.

\"Justified is not 15 shots, justified is not 6 shots,\" said Craig Stingley, a demonstrator, who's son Corey Stingley was killed by deadly force in Milwaukee.

Before uniting as one voice, demonstrators bowed their heads-- lighting candles to remember the young man being laid to rest on what was supposed to be his first day of college.

\"There are cases all over the country, too often, of lives being lost at the hands of police officers,\" said Ald. Milele Coggs, of the City of Milwaukee.

Local demonstrators emphasize Michael Brown's story is just one of many, including Dontre Hamilton's family.  Dontre was killed in an officer involved shooting in May.

\"What they're expecting is for us to be violent, for us to be rowdy, and for us to be out of control,\" said Nate Hamilton, Dontre's brother, \"and we're human, we respect humanity.\"

With the number of officer involved shootings in Milwaukee this year, many demonstrators say the violence must stop.

\"The system of institutionalized racism has a huge impact on our community of color,\" said Michelle Hilbert, a demonstrator.

\"We need to start respecting each other for who we are as a person, not our skin color,\" said Haydee Crus, another demonstrator.

Demonstrators emphasize that Milwaukee can do better-- and justice must be served.

\"This is not a black issue, this not a white issue, this is a human issue,\" said Ald. Coggs.

Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen says he also stands with local demonstrators and has called on the District Attorney to release all documents in the state review of the Dontre Hamilton case.


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