Protesters gather outside of Speaker Paul Ryan's office after House passes GOP health care bill

NOW: Protesters gather outside of Speaker Paul Ryan’s office after House passes GOP health care bill

"Healthcare for all. We shall not be moved."

These were the chants of protesters outside Speaker Paul Ryan's office.

The group of protesters didn't budge on their hopes even after hearing the vote to repeal and replace Obamacare had passed the House of Representatives.

"Paul Ryan said in December that no one will be worse off and so he has reneged on that promise," said Robert Kraig, Executive Director Citizen Action Wisconsin.

From sticky notes and singing along, the group tried to give the speaker of the house their message.

"I wish [Speaker Ryan] would at least admit that he simply thinks that there are 24 million people that oughtn't have health insurance in the united states of America," said Kraig

The group believes 24 million people will not be able to afford health insurance if "repeal and replace" is passed in the senate.

"He's 15 years old already had two heart surgeries and a bowel surgery," said Nikki Aiello. 

Aiello was protesting for her nephew, who she says is one of those 24 million people. She says he was born with a pre-existing condition.

"I don't know how Paul Ryan can claim to be supportive of life when he's doing something like this that will deprive people of healthcare and will cost people their lives," said Aiello.

CBS 58 reached out to Speaker Ryan's office for a response to the claims the group of protesters made. So far, they haven't replied.

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