Prosecutors move to modify Rittenhouse's bond after he was seen flashing white power signs at Mt. Pleasant bar

NOW: Prosecutors move to modify Rittenhouse’s bond after he was seen flashing white power signs at Mt. Pleasant bar

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Kenosha County prosecutors are requesting modifications to Kyle Rittenhouse's bond.

They filed paperwork on Wednesday, Jan. 13. 

The request comes after Rittenhouse was spotted in a Racine County bar with his mother last week after his arraignment.

Rittenhouse is charged with shooting three men, killing two of them, during the unrest in Kenosha last August.

He is currently free on a $2 million cash bond.

Kenosha County prosecutors say they have surveillance video of the 18-year-old flashing the “OK” white power/white supremacist hand sign inside Pudgy’s Pub on Jan. 5.

They say he was serenaded by adults with the Proud Boys', a white supremacist group, anthem.

He was also drinking beer, which is legal in Wisconsin with a parent.

Prosecutors want a judge to stop him from having or drinking alcohol and from public displays of white power symbols.

They also want the judge to prohibit him from associating with known militia members or members of white supremacist groups and organizations.

In a court-filed response, Rittenhouse’s defense attorney Mark Richards said his client does not object to the bond modifications.

His lawyer said Rittenhouse is not affiliated with white supremacy.

Richards said the prosecutor's motion is about race instead of self-defense, in which his client acted in August.

"It’s definitely not a good look for a person to have killed two people and severely injured my client to be hanging out in a bar," Attorney Kimberley Motley said.

Motley represents Gaige Grosskreutz, who was severely injured in the August shooting.

"I’m glad that the prosecutor is bringing forth these bond modifications," she continued. "I’m pleased that they’re not objecting to these bond modifications and I certainly hope that moving forward that we won’t see him that same situation.”

A hearing on the bond modifications has not yet been set.

Rittenhouse’s final pre-trial hearing is on March 10.

Jury selection for trial is set for March 29.

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