Proposed taxi ordinance would allow mobile rideshare service in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- A taxi cab proposal that could open the market to more options for riders heads to the Public Transportation Review Board.

Milwaukee's Public Transportation Review Board met in front of a packed room to take up Alderman Robert Bauman's proposal. The proposal will remove the cap of 420 taxis in place and make the application process open to anyone.

Drivers will still need a permit, insurance and will have to have their cars inspected.

Bauman says the change will improve the transportation market in Milwaukee and is a way to embrace innovation and new technology. Services like Uber  who benefit from this use social media and smartphone apps to arrange rides and payment.

The proposed ordinance also removes the driver affiliation requirement, meaning drivers can drive for themselves.

Alderman Bauman says his proposal will help cut down on drunk driving, and expects it to reach the full city council by the summer.

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