Program offers free tax preparation for low-income residents

NOW: Program offers free tax preparation for low-income residents

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Tax season can be stressful for many lower-income residents who may not be able to afford to get their taxes done by a professional. City of Milwaukee officials are reminding everyone about a program where they can get help for free. 

The Social Development Commission just kicked off their 19th year of the program called "VITA" that helps people do their taxes for free. 

Households who make $58,000 or less are eligible to use the program for free. If you do, you just have to call and make an appointment and they will assist you. 

Aside from doing your taxes, they will offer financial literacy resources to you as well. 

The CEO of the Special Development Commission said the money people will save by not having to pay someone to do their taxes can lift other financial burdens for them. 

“People we work with every day struggle to make ends meet. Day care, transporting, and trying to put enough food on the table plus paying rent and energy. Any time you can have some extra money come in if you get a return and you can keep all of it versus giving out to what agencies might charge you a hundred, two, three, four-hundred dollars. That’s significant when you’re talking about individuals trying to make ends meet,” CEO George Hinton said. 

If you'd like to make an appointment, call 414-963-2694. 

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