Presidential visit brings road closures on Summerfest opening night

NOW: Presidential visit brings road closures on Summerfest opening night

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - President Donald Trump will a stop in Milwaukee Wednesday.

The president will stay overnight before attending a fundraiser and the Foxconn groundbreaking Thursday.

But the timing and where he decided to stay has one alderman worried and businesses bracing.

The president will stay at the Pfister Hotel downtown. That will mean many of these streets will be shut down.

“There’s going to be significant street closures in downtown, there’s going to be significant parking restrictions,” said Ald. Robert Bauman.

The city is shutting down several streets around the Pfister at a time when crowds will be streaming in and out of the Summerfest grounds.

“Tomorrow night is probably the busiest night every year in Downtown Milwaukee,” said Ald. Bauman.

“I think it will be a very busy downtown,” said Omar Shaikh who owns Carnevor restaurant downtown.

Places like the Carnevor found out about the closures Tuesday, and are finding a way to make it work.

“People will find a way to get to us and we’ll make the best of it,” said Shaikh.

“Should be interesting, got to work around it,” said David Briscoe who is a Valet near the Pfister.

He is preparing for the possibility that parking near that area will disappear.

“We just have to go with the flow and do whatever the secret service asks us to,” said Briscoe.

The closures won’t stop the crowd, but the city hopes people will take one piece of advice.

“You want to come downtown tomorrow?” said Ald. Bauman, “Take the bus, walk, take a bike or ride a horse but don’t take a car, because I think motor vehicles will be completely gridlocked and almost immovable.

The closures will start at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Keep an eye out for temporary NO PARKING signs that are being put up.

If you miss it, they will tow your car.

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