President Trump expected to highlight importance of manufacturing during visit to Kenosha

President Trump tweeted "See you tomorrow, Wisconsin!" along with a report about small business "optimism" in Milwaukee.

President Trump will visit Kenosha tomorrow. He's expected to talk about why manufacturing is important and will use a Wisconsin company to help deliver his message.

"Thank you to the people of Wisconsin."

The last time president Donald Trump stopped in Wisconsin, it was as the president-elect. This time, he's expected to talk policy at Snap-on's Kenosha facility.

"Snap-on is a prime example of a company that makes American-made tools with American workers for US taxpayers," said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

"It's good to see him come to Kenosha," said Paul Modica, a Trump supporter.

Paul Modica voted for Trump and lives just a few blocks from Snap-on. He's hoping tomorrow's visit means one thing, jobs.

"I'm hoping that Snap-on will make an announcement that they're going to bring back some of the manufacturing jobs they shipped to China," Modica said.

Monday afternoon, City of Kenosha employees worked on putting up orange plastic fencing around a park which is directly across the street from Snap-on.

"It's going to get crowded.

Ryan Sorenson who did not vote for Trump si skeptical of the president's visit having a positive impact.

"I don't really think it is doing anything. I don't really know how he's going to help the company."

In a new statement to our newsroom, Snap-on says President Trump's visit will highlight how essential manufacturing is to the country's future and say it's an honor to be recognized by the President of the United States. 

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